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A couple of tortoise admirers from France visiting Croatia...

Freddy and Danielle, two tortoise admirers from Nantes, France visited Croatia from May 18th to 27th 2007 during their vacation. In their search for the tortoise Testudo hermanni, together with our NGO members, they visited several areas in Dalmatia: in greater Dubrovnik area they visited Konavle, upper villages of Dubrovačko Primorje up to the surroundings of Čepikuće and Lisačke rudine, area between Ponikve and Putnikovići in Pelješac Peninsula, then greater Trogir, Biograd, and Zadar area. Their interest in tortoises is only research oriented. The encountered tortoises were morphometrically analyzed, photographed, and returned to their natural habitat without much disturbance.

Read a report about the visit (currently only in French and Croatian).

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